10 fun activities for team-building

Taking time off from one’s busy schedule is a welcome respite for every person – business owners and staff members alike. Apart from vacation and annual leaves, a good way to break free from the confines of workspaces and work routines is to have team-building activities where the entire team can have fun together. The beginning of the year is the best time for some pep rally to set the tone for your internal environs.

Whether it is your annual planning or team-building session or a weekend getaway or an after-office bonding activity, doing something out of the usual work that you can enjoy as a group keeps a healthy business atmosphere. As they say, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” When things go dull around the workplace, it can pose a problem to the business as well.

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Building an online community for your brand

The advent of social media has provided brands and businesses with a new way of communicating with their customers and loyal patrons. If before, the way of reaching out to them is through telemarketing and e-mails, engagement with them is taken to a different level with the growth of online communities. Having an online community is not as simple as talking to an audience. There is a dynamic exchange of ideas and opinions that allows customers to be more involved in the brand.

Creating a community allows your consumers to interact with you and share their feedback, stories and insights in a faster and bigger scale. While it is good in building relations with your stakeholders, it also opens up a window for negative reactions, which is why it is something you have to consider very seriously for your business. Before you decide to utilise this strategy, you have to determine first if an online community is something that you need because it takes a lot of effort and commitment to maintain one.

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Hiking towards business success

There are many parallelisms to the entrepreneurial journey, and we can draw lessons from various activities which we can apply to the business space. We don’t have to look far because the great outdoors is a rich resource of business insights. Bringing your venture to success is like hiking uphill to the peak. While climbing a mountain sounds exciting, it is full of challenges and risks, although the results can be extremely rewarding.

If you are planning to go for a hike or start a business, there are a few things to bear in mind before you set out. Even if you have been doing either one of these or both for quite some time, you can still refresh your perspective with a few reminders.

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Understanding Generation Z for your business

The Millennials are getting older, and a new breed is making waves in society. “Generation Z” is becoming a buzzword these days. We read several articles differentiating this age bracket from its previous generation, the Millennials, which has become a household term globally.

Generation Z is the youth at present, which can help drive your business to success in the future. Before we get into Generation Z, let us first review the different age groups that comprise our current societies. Although individuals belonging in the same cohort may vary from person to person, there are distinct traits that are common in a particular peer group collectively. It is because they may have shared experiences due to the same trends that happen within their life stages. The exact year when a generation begins and ends are not defined universally because of the disparity in characteristics of such group in various geographic areas.

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Maximising e-commerce for your businesses

The advancement of technology has brought many businesses and brands to enter a new world where they can market and sell their ideas, products and services more efficiently – the cyberspace. E-commerce has made transactions faster, safer and convenient for both sellers or service providers and customers, breaking boundaries and timezones as it is on a global scale.

E-commerce is growing by the minute, and it has generated trillions of US$ in sales over the last few years. The transactions are not only limited to B2C sales but also include B2B deals. It goes to show that businesses utilise online platforms for sales and marketing, both in retail and wholesale.

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What businesses can look forward to unfolding in 2019

The beginning of the year marks a time when people are hopeful of how the rest of the year will unfold. We may never predict what will happen next. But patterns in recent events can indicate various possibilities that the immediate future may bring. The present economic landscape can shape one’s business outlook, which is helpful to goal-setting and short-term planning.

New developments in industries, markets and trends can prepare you on how you can grow your enterprise as you incorporate these advances to your business. The good news is that industries and economies are gearing up for stronger performances. The Reserve Bank of Australia, on its November 2018 Statement on Monetary Policy, reported that the “GDP growth is running above 3 per cent.”

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A guide to making New Year’s resolutions for entrepreneurs

With the changing of the calendar and another year approaches, we start putting together our New Year’s resolutions, hoping for another beginning that can help us become better than the previous years. Others may not subscribe to the idea of New Year’s resolutions, but in business, there is a parallel mindset which is more related with goal-setting.

It is about time to assess and evaluate the things that you need to stop, minimise, improve and start doing. Whether you are making a New Year’s resolution or doing your end-year evaluation or annual corporate planning, you have to go back always on your purpose when you started your business. You may have updated your main objective, often articulated in your vision and mission, years after you have established your venture, but it’s nice to bear in mind the “why” behind your enterprise.

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How busy entrepreneurs can stay healthy

Entrepreneurs are busy people who have so many things going on in their day-to-day schedules. More often, they devote a lot of time and effort into their business that they tend to push health into the background unintentionally.

Every business person may have a different lifestyle and stress management method, but many of them share a common ground – they absorb a lot of pressure from various directions. Because of their enthusiasm and passion for work, they end up doing more than they can manage, sitting in meetings or on their desk all day working on ideas or challenges, skipping meals or distorting their eating routine, and losing sleep along the way. All these may result in poor health conditions.

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Holiday feasts for your dining table (and your business)

The holiday season is upon us, and it’s time to do some grocery shopping in preparation for the parties, luncheons and get-togethers. As you plan your menu for the lunches and dinners, consider how the usual holiday fare can also bring you insights and tips for your entrepreneurial journey.


The Australian Christmas feast is a combination of local culture and influences from the UK and the US. But what makes Christmas in this side of the globe different is that it coincides with the summer season. Check some of the common dishes that take centre stage on the dining table at this time of the year.

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Best cities for business travel

Progress is taking place simultaneously in various parts of the world, and more and more places are growing at an accelerated rate. With all the modernisation and development in cities, many of them become great destinations for business travel. Business trips demand a lot of needs. Whether you travel for meetings, conferences, events, exploration, professional development, networking, company visits, attending EO activities, or incentives, it is important to pick the right place for such important transactions.

They say, go where the business will take you, but if you have a choice when it comes to business travel, there are factors to consider when selecting a place. These are availability and frequency of flights, complete amenities like venues, accommodations, emergency facilities, and restaurants, communication and connectivity, cost, and safety and convenience of travellers.

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