Jason Bertalli integrates work into life

Accountant, author, speaker, husband, father and Director of Franchise & Business Services of BNR Partners Jason Bertalli believes that there’s no such thing as work-life balance. Instead, it is more about integrating work into life better. He has learned to bring together his varying interests and enjoy them in their entirety throughout his entrepreneurial journey.

Jason Bertalli

Jason grew up doing odd jobs. He sold cars and other products, drove trucks, worked for a dry cleaner and did several other roles. With little opportunity in his small town, he moved to Melbourne to study and work. Even when he went to university, he still worked full-time to earn some reasonably good cash to support him. Because of his love for money, he eventually decided to take up accounting.

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Mark Calabro’s Double D: Determination and Discipline

Determined to take control of his destiny and to create something meaningful to the world, Mark Calabro went into business straight out of university, taught himself the ropes of running it, learned from the real world and helped establish one of the biggest Point of Sale providers in the food and beverage industry.

Mark Calabro

Ordermate Co-founder and Director of Sales Mark Calabro has the best job in the world. He gets to enjoy two of the things he loves: technology and food. As an engineer, he has a knack for technology and innovation. His affinity for food, on the other hand, can be traced way back from his childhood with his family. Surrounded by his grandpa and adults in the family, Mark loved watching them cook and share a meal as he was always very curious as a kid.

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Ben Cashman’s quest for sustainability and social good

Ben’s simple action from an extraordinary experience created a huge impact on people’s lives. It pushed the button of his fervour to take the journey towards creating something good and powerful. From a high-energy point that propelled him forward on his entrepreneurial voyage, he moves towards a high-passion position where he can strengthen the social enterprise element of his business.

Ben Cashman

Describing himself as a tech geek, Project Lab owner and Managing Director Ben Cashman admits that what defines him, which frustrates a lot of people, is his desire to challenge archaic things that are present in societies. But what he truly wants is to make a positive influence in communities through the things he does, and that includes injecting social good into his endeavours.

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The creator and problem-solver in Damian Blumenkranc

How do you solve a problem like Damian Blumenkranc? The CEO of Creativa Videos loves solving problems and enjoys creating new concepts. Having a solution mind comes naturally to him.

Since the age of 15 years old, he has built various businesses, from IT to several other industries, which he grew and then eventually sold. So, why did he retain a creative business out of all the ventures he has put up? “I’m a creator. I always need to do new things,” he simply quips.

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Zooming through Socrates Capouleas’ entrepreneurial lane

Socrates Capouleas loves three things: he reads business books that give him continuous learning; he bikes 4 to 6 times a week that pushes him through challenges and keeps him focused on his goals; and he collects timepieces that remind him of his wins, as well as inculcate a sense of urgency. Continuous learning, focus on goals, and sense of urgency are also some of the key takeaways he picked along his entrepreneurial path.

Anthony Iannarino’s book, “The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need”, was sitting on Socrates Capouleas’ desk, Director of PLP Building Surveyors and Consultants, at the time of the interview. It’s a book he has been reading recently, and he found in it some wonderful techniques that his sales team can use for the business.

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Malcolm Bean finds his perfect space in entrepreneurship

“Entrepreneur.” This is a word that Malcolm Bean, Director at Beanmkrgy Pty Ltd, probably never used 20 years ago. But as he lives and breathes the essence of being an entrepreneur for more than a decade now, he recognizes how he perfectly fits into what the word connotes.

The hotel professional professes, “Being an entrepreneur is being what I like. It is who I am. I didn’t know that until I’m into the journey and it makes me really, really happy. And that’s the simplest equation for me.”

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Health is wealth for Linda Monique

With the Telstra Victorian Young Business Women’s Award  and other accolades under her belt, one cannot help but wonder what the secret ingredient is in Linda Monique’s recipe to a winning business.

Linda Monique

Being a young entrepreneur and a woman are the flavours that Almo Milk founder Linda Monique finds challenging in cooking up a successful path in the business world. Yet, at 29 years old (during the time of the interview, as she’s turning 30 very soon), Linda is already recognized with the Telstra Victorian Young Business Women’s Award. Overwhelmed by such recognition, she describes her winning moment, “It’s very exciting and I think it’s a privilege. It’s something that we don’t always get recognized as young entrepreneurs for what we do, but it was very special, especially being a woman and winning that award.”

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Mia Klitsas takes the extra mile and more for women’s care

A crazy idea that gave birth to a purpose started with just a simple question: “What are the things you carry around?”

This was a question that Mia Klitsas, a marketing intern at that time, tossed to her then colleague, Jeff Gore, who was her senior in the company where she worked before, as they were talking about packaging designs. It was a lighthearted conversation, even bordering to bantering and exchanging jokes, but out of that discussion, a business partnership was born that became the foundation of Millie and More, the venture that Mia and Jeff later built.

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Courage is part of Steve McLeod’s equation for success

Steve’s formula for success is courage + vision + relentless discipline + thirst for improvement. He is using this formula in his quest to change safety in the world… One experience at a time.

Firefighter Steven McLeod was on shift during that fateful Black Saturday bushfires — the largest and worst bushfire in Australia’s history — as part of the high angle rescue team of the Melbourne Fire Brigade, doing rescues in extreme heights. He was about to go into a house fire when the roof collapsed while entering the premises. This and other close brushes with danger, such as road accidents or attending to cardiac arrests, were day-to-day occurrences in Steve’s life at the fire brigade. His courage to face those hazards has saved the lives of several people, a noble duty that has kept him satisfied with the line of work he has chosen.

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Lisa Spiden’s two journeys, one rewarding experience

Delivering the work right is in the fibre of Lisa Spiden’s entrepreneurial physiology. And she weaves this best practice in her two businesses.

Dynamic and driven Lisa Spiden loves spending time with her dogs, Billie and Jess — two Border Collies that are known for their intelligence, energy, athletic abilities, adaptability, and stamina, which is why this breed of dog is used for herding sheep in farms.

Like her dogs, Lisa’s businesses – fibreHR and Roster Right – as well as Lisa herself, exhibit these fine qualities and more, enabling her and her teams to guide their clients through their expertise, coupled with the great products and services they offer. In her own words, Lisa imparts, “I describe to my team that we’re almost like shepherds. We partner with businesses to help them navigate their way to their ultimate dream when it comes to people.”

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