Simon Chamaa on the philosophy of the moso tree

Strata Plan founder Simon Chamaa learned an interesting lesson when he was young and novice. His father’s friend told him about the philosophy of the moso tree, a Chinese bamboo tree, which taught him about hard work, patience, resilience, perseverance and consistency.

The way the moso tree grows is that it doesn’t exhibit any growth during its first five years. But underneath the ground, it is growing its roots and laying its foundation. Still, it needs constant nurturing and watering despite the seeming lack of growth. Then after five years, it will grow from one foot to about 90 feet in only four weeks. The strong wind will come and blow on it. But the wind will not be able to topple the moso tree.

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Matt Butterworth makes wedding planning easy

Staying close to the customers and understanding their needs is how Easy Weddings CEO Matt Butterworth keeps himself abreast of the trends and the demands of the market. While he makes wedding planning a breeze for couples, his journey to building his business was not without challenges and obstacles.

When the internet gained popularity among the public, Matt became so interested in it that he bought a book called “Learn HTML in 24 Hours” to see if he could build a website. He started playing around the HTML codes and eventually cracked it after three weeks. “But the book was lying to me. It wasn’t 24 hours,” Matt jokingly said as he narrated the early beginnings of his business. Serious on his pursuit of learning to build a website, Matt went back to university to study computer programming.

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