Fishing ideas for your business

Running a business and bringing it to success is like going on a fishing expedition. It takes a lot of discipline and patience to be able to catch something. The business landscape is a sea of challenges and opportunities where entrepreneurs can either sink or swim, depending on their ability to fish well.

For a hefty catch and great results, there are various steps to follow in both fishing and managing a business. It’s not as easy as sitting on the edge of the water and waiting for something to take on the bait. Sales, income and profit do not just come pouring into your venture. There are several things to be done before you can get some fish in the bucket or positive numbers on your books. And it takes a lot of hard work. Also, having a plan is a big help in overcoming the difficulties. Below are some fishing tips that you can entrench into your business techniques to achieve more successes.

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The strength of time for Graeme Goldman

The adage “time is gold” may be a bit of a cliché, but not to Graeme Goldman, who is in the business of selling timepieces. Graeme is the founder and owner of Lion Brands, a multi-brand distributor of Swiss-made watches, and the love for this item grew in him since childhood.

“Ever since I was about seven or eight years old, I always had watches around and was always enthralled by watches,” Graeme began. He remembered his grandfather who had several of those timepieces. Back then, the young Graeme wondered why older people were so fixated on time.

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A dash of chilli for Andy Galbally

A bite of chilli can produce a burning sensation to the digestive system. It’s like the passion that was burning within Andy Galbally, Chilli Promotions Director, that led him to his present journey. Fired up by his fascination for art and design in the advertising world, Andy trodded the path he wanted to take that paved the way towards his exciting roller-coaster entrepreneurial ride.

As young as 15 years old, Andy already had his eyes fixed on advertising, to the point that he had to persuade his parents to move him from a private school to a technical school, where he could do art and design. His uncle also worked in the industry, which further motivated him to pursue his dream.

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Anou Khanijou’s concept of self-belief and endless possibilities

“Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail.” This quote from inventor Charles Kettering is the life and business motto of Anouconcept Founder and Owner, Anou Khanijou.

“I believe that nothing is impossible. The word in itself says, ‘I’m possible’,” the “powerhouse” business owner said. Her entrepreneurial story is one of courage and determination that helped her shape her space in the business world as she started her ventures on her own, regardless of the odds.

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Andrew MacKinnon builds an empire

A leading independent creative agency, an iconic venue, office buildings, and an online memorial platform. Andrew MacKinnon, Taboo Founder and Managing Director, has built these ventures and more, and he’s not stopping there. His passion, positive outlook, and innovative character drive him to keep creating ideas and making cool things.

Andrew was oozing with enthusiasm as he reminisced his colourful business journey, which began in the cold streets of London at the age of 19. It was supposed to be a “dream job”, as described in an article he read. As it turned out, he had to stand on street corners, stop people, and sell them coupons for gyms, hair salons, day spas, and the like. From a neophyte salesman, his need to make money for travel drove him to become good at his role, and eventually emerged as a great marketer at the streets.

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Donna Guest on preparing for life challenges

An accidental entrepreneur. That is how Co-founder of retail company Blue Illusion, Donna Guest, describes herself. It was not something that she envisioned when she married her late husband and then business partner, Danny Guest. Moreover, becoming a CEO of a company was not something she contemplated when they started the business 20 years ago. She came into the position when Danny passed away suddenly last year.

Losing a business partner is one thing. The demise of a spouse is another matter. It was like a double tragedy for Donna. Someone who’s been a huge part of her life has departed. Business-wise, the difficulty was that she was more responsible for the creative side of the venture. Negotiating contracts, overseeing leases, and transacting with banks were Danny’s responsibilities. With the turn of events, Donna has to be comfortable with various aspects of the business.

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Bradley Hampel humanises brand experiences

Bradley Hampel is into the business of activations, movie premieres, corporate events, and brand experiences. But before he founded his event and entertainment agency, Solution Entertainment, more than ten years ago, Brad didn’t imagine starting a business of his own. A trip to Lagos, Portugal and the circumstances that occurred there lured him towards the entrepreneurial path, not expecting that such experiences would lead him to success.

It was in 2002 when Brad spent a few months in the small party town of Lagos. “I probably never thought that I would start my own business. It was not my intention. I had no idea what I was planning or doing with my life. And then, I went travelling,” he began. While in Lagos, he needed a job, so he posed as a DJ, which paved the way for an exciting career in business and entertainment.

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Keeping up with Hugh Jones

With almost 25 years in the property industry and four property businesses under his belt, Hugh Jones, property expert and entrepreneur, has a long track record when it comes to this line of work. In reality, his true passion lies in helping people, and the property industry provided Hugh with a platform for discovering this. “It wasn’t so much the property management or the property transactions that I enjoyed. It was my natural interest in people buying or selling the property and becoming their trusted advisor through the ups and downs of life. To do that, I needed to have cash flow, and that’s why I started a property business,” the Director and Founder of Garcia and Jones explained.

Hugh has always understood the importance of hard work, even as a teenager. “In school holidays, I used to work with my cousins in a family law firm. From a young age, we spent about half our school holidays working in the family practice. So, we learned about working hard from a relatively young age,” he shared. After a brief stint studying Economics at University, Hugh deferred his studies for a year and made his first move into Property. Since then, there was no turning back for Hugh as he continued to hone his proficiency in the industry.

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