Damien James steps into his dreams

“As a kid, I had two dreams. I wanted to be an AFL footballer or run a successful business like my dad.,” This is how Dimple Founder Damien James’ story begins. Assessing his qualities or lack thereof, he chose the latter. Because he wanted to give himself the best chance of seeing his dream come true, he started his entrepreneurial journey at an early age.

Realising he wasn’t tall enough to reach the highest level of football, Damien decided to focus his energy on building a business. He kept playing football, although not on a professional capacity, and applied the principles of the sport to the entrepreneurial arena, bringing his A-game to every venture he started. Learning from his dad, who had run a business for as long as he could remember, Damien dipped his feet into the fray from a young age.

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Peter Noble shifts gears

Peninsula Luxury Retreats Founder Peter Noble has carved his path in the entrepreneurial space by running Citrus, his marketing automation business, for almost 20 years. Along the way, the landscape has changed, and the trail has transformed. His heart was no longer beating for the same thing. Feeling quite tired of the grind, he meditated and reflected on what he truly wanted to do with his life, which led him to close his business and embark on a new journey in the hospitality space. The quick turn was scary for Peter, but he kept on because he knew exciting things are about to come.

It was in 2015 when he attended an EO Melbourne forum retreat in Byron Bay. Despite feeling ill, Peter pressed on as he didn’t want to miss the retreat. Incidentally, the organisers invited a meditation teacher to show the attendees some Ayurvedic techniques. His wife, Kristina, had already been doing it for three months, and he has noticed the positive changes in her. Feeling much better and lighter after the retreat, Peter continued with his meditation exercises, even when he moved his family to Sydney that same year.

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Keeping pace with Frunch Nazzari

Francesco “Frunch” Nazzari is what he calls himself a serial entrepreneur. “I love starting a business. I love to see an opportunity. But not only do I love an opportunity, as all entrepreneurs do, I also love to see a niche, an actual community. I like to have a visceral experience around that community,” the Managing Director and Co-founder of Rooftop Cinema declared.

There are eight to nine businesses under his tutelage, not to mention that he’s a family man, an EO Melbourne member, a cinema lover, a publisher, and a runner. It seems he is always on the go, and those who want to run with him have yet to increase their pace to keep up. But Frunch has not achieved his full speed yet. Besides, the finish line is still nowhere in sight. What he knows, however, is that he committed himself to this path of becoming an entrepreneur, and there’s no turning back.

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Playing footy in the field of entrepreneurship

There goes the kick, and the ball made its way to the goal post and earned a score. It’s fun to watch your favourite sport, whether on TV, online or live action because it can take away some of the stresses that are wearing you down. When it comes to sports, Australian football is one of the most watched events in the country with its millions of followers.

The excitement of the play can be contagious. More and more people can get hooked on the sport. However, apart from the adrenaline rush that the game provides, there are also some lessons you can pick from playing footy. Surely, there are certain skills and tactics in Aussie rules that you can apply to the entrepreneurial field. Take a look at them and see which ones can help you be on top of your game.

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Timo Karnath’s positive energy

“Everything is possible. I’m not taking ‘no’ for an answer. I stay positive, and I look for solutions until I succeed. I truly believe that many people who have a clear vision of something, if they stay true, it can be achieved.” Such is the unwavering faith, optimism and energy of Timo Karnath, TCK Solar’s Director and Founder, when it comes to getting things done.

Raised in Germany, Timo started his career as an industrial engineer and worked for a solar panel manufacturer, Solon. That provided him with a thorough knowledge of solar energy and its benefits to our planet. While implementing a new Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) software for the whole corporate, he worked with external consultants that somewhat ushered him to the world of entrepreneurship.

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Joshua Lyle: maintaining businesses for growth

Many say that achieving success is just the initial hurdle to overcome. The biggest obstacle is to maintain such momentum and steer it towards bigger successes. Such is Joshua Lyle’s challenge, Director of the Lylex Group, and he hopes to take it on by refining his products and improving his systems and business model. While he’s on it, he also ensures that he meets the property maintenance needs of his clients.

He looks back to the time when he started Lylex Services 18 years ago. “I started by myself with a vacuum cleaner, a mop in a bucket, and some tools. The reason why I went into this industry was that it was an easy area to start. We’re able to start up with minimal overheads. So, the barrier to starting that business was quite low,” Joshua reasoned.

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Jamie Lingham braves the entrepreneurial waves

Jamie Lingham, CEO of Absolute Immigration, has a deep affiliation with the ocean. His love of the seas makes him enjoy swimming, surfing and paddleboarding. That affinity with everything related to the waters also brought him close to environmental causes. Braving the crashing waves and coming out after being struck by its force bring a different kind of thrill that Jamie can liken to the entrepreneurial journey.

“When you’re surfing and paddling out the big waves, sometimes they smash you back a bit. But then, once you get through the back end, you can surf the wave. It’s amazing. That’s like life. Life keeps hammering, and you’re trying to get to the prize at the end. It’s tough and hard. Sometimes, you want to give up, but you’ve just got to keep going. And then, eventually, you’ll get out, bounce back, and enjoy the ride,” the highly passionate global immigration strategist stated.

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Michael Clark wants to make the world better

Michael Clark, Crisp Solutions Founder and Lemon Wedge owner, is guided by these business philosophies: make the world better, don’t take no for an answer and never give up. His deep awareness of both the good and the bad forces in life drive him every day. The positive is a never-ending inspiration and the negative elements are a powerful teacher where strength and experience can be found. Thus, out of the opportunities and the challenges his environment and life posed before him, Michael has emerged as a formidable businessman.

The Younger Years

Born and raised in the suburbs of Melbourne, Michael was a happy, determined and capable kid. He loved all sports and was particularly obsessed with basketball. “I loved people, making friends and doing fun things with them. I was always hardworking on weekends, doing jobs for family and friends to earn some pocket money, such as washing cars, gardening, mowing lawns, or working at our family business, filling bags with mulch or rocks for sale to customers,” Michael described. Alongside these affirmative attributes in his early years, he was also battling some undesirable surroundings.

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Getting reel with Steven Jackson

Passionate about filmmaking, Steven Jackson’s entrepreneurial journey started with just a simple storyline. Then the plot thickens, encountering challenges that add excitement and twists to the story. In the process, he edits out the unfavourable and retains the important lessons to keep his two film businesses going: PurpleMonky, which focuses on videos for corporate brands; and Moon & Back, which provides wedding film services.

His love for film started since he was a child, as he was always behind the camera while he was young. Although he never had any formal education in filmmaking, Steven felt that the passion was always inside him. Thus, he fitted right into this space. “I grew up doing it all my life. It was something that I was able to do naturally. I would win short films all the time and create videos for anything that comes to mind. Falling into this industry was very easy for me. It was an effortless business for me to create because it was something that I always did,” he explained.

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Christine Khor and the harmony with people

If playing various roles in society is like directing an orchestra, then Chorus Executive Managing Director and Peeplcoach.com Co-Founder Christine Khor is the conductor. She leads two businesses, chairs the Victorian Development Board of The Hunger Project, and takes care of her family. It’s a tough call for a woman like Christine, but she’s dancing to the music that she has created.

Her decision of taking the entrepreneurial path stemmed from her genuine interest in people and in creating harmony with her clients and the candidates, as she matches people with positions in companies, and coaches them in growing their careers.

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