Building an online community for your brand

The advent of social media has provided brands and businesses with a new way of communicating with their customers and loyal patrons. If before, the way of reaching out to them is through telemarketing and e-mails, engagement with them is taken to a different level with the growth of online communities. Having an online community is not as simple as talking to an audience. There is a dynamic exchange of ideas and opinions that allows customers to be more involved in the brand.

Creating a community allows your consumers to interact with you and share their feedback, stories and insights in a faster and bigger scale. While it is good in building relations with your stakeholders, it also opens up a window for negative reactions, which is why it is something you have to consider very seriously for your business. Before you decide to utilise this strategy, you have to determine first if an online community is something that you need because it takes a lot of effort and commitment to maintain one.

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Hiking towards business success

There are many parallelisms to the entrepreneurial journey, and we can draw lessons from various activities which we can apply to the business space. We don’t have to look far because the great outdoors is a rich resource of business insights. Bringing your venture to success is like hiking uphill to the peak. While climbing a mountain sounds exciting, it is full of challenges and risks, although the results can be extremely rewarding.

If you are planning to go for a hike or start a business, there are a few things to bear in mind before you set out. Even if you have been doing either one of these or both for quite some time, you can still refresh your perspective with a few reminders.

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Understanding Generation Z for your business

The Millennials are getting older, and a new breed is making waves in society. “Generation Z” is becoming a buzzword these days. We read several articles differentiating this age bracket from its previous generation, the Millennials, which has become a household term globally.

Generation Z is the youth at present, which can help drive your business to success in the future. Before we get into Generation Z, let us first review the different age groups that comprise our current societies. Although individuals belonging in the same cohort may vary from person to person, there are distinct traits that are common in a particular peer group collectively. It is because they may have shared experiences due to the same trends that happen within their life stages. The exact year when a generation begins and ends are not defined universally because of the disparity in characteristics of such group in various geographic areas.

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