15 things that illustrate the entrepreneurial journey

One’s entrepreneurial journey may differ from others. However, there are patterns, challenges or wins that may resemble other people’s business experiences. These similarities are key learnings that can prepare upcoming entrepreneurs for the impediments ahead. It is to convey to those on the starting line that there are mavens who can relate to their trials and are willing to help them out.

That is the essence of EO. If you have browsed through the stories shared on this site, you will find inspiration from the people who braved tough times to make their businesses grow. They have mentioned certain elements or pieces to help us grasp their entrepreneurial passage better. Some of these experiences you can relate to a particular item that can provide a visual illustration of how a business journey unfolds. It will help you to fully comprehend what is to come and how you can approach your entrepreneurial voyage with the right attitude and mindset.

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Bumper stickers for entrepreneurs to get them going

Getting caught in a traffic jam can sometimes be stressful or boring. When the flow seems slow-moving, how do you keep yourself amused on the road? Take a good look at your surroundings to get an idea or two. Better yet, read those bumper stickers that can sometimes be funny or inspiring. People often put them out for others to know who they are or what they believe or represent. As an entrepreneur, what do you want to convey to others behind you, who are on the way to their entrepreneurial journey?

Here are some lines that you can stick on your vehicle bumper and inspire those who are at the crossroads of their lives. These are tips gathered from EO Melbourne members we have interviewed. Budding entrepreneurs or those who are contemplating to start a business can learn a thing or two from the following passages. Those who are ahead can pass it on to others. Nevertheless, it’s a good cue for anyone who is on the business path.

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10 things about superheroes that you can relate to entrepreneurship

By now, you have probably read the stories of our EO Melbourne members on how they traversed their respective entrepreneurial paths. Many, if not all of them, went through arduous experiences to get to where they are today. If before, you would have probably asked, “how did they do that?” now, you might have exclaimed, “wow, they did all that!” Thus, it comes as no surprise if some people regard these entrepreneurs as a kind of hero, drawing inspiration from them.

We love great stories. We like to hear exploits of heroes who emerged as winners against all odds. Based on the stories we’ve read on business owners, there is something about superheroes that we can link back to entrepreneurship. They may not be entirely similar but there are certainly parallelisms between the two.

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