A Membership That Keeps On Giving

The good thing about joining EO Melbourne is that you have a strong support system that will help you in your entrepreneurial journey and its relation to other aspects of your life. In EO, you get a sounding board and a reality checker.

Since learning never stops, your membership to this organization will afford you with countless opportunities that will fill you with additional knowledge, help you steer your business and provide you with occasions to bond with your family and your peers.

Your membership will help you in the following areas:
  • Networking – membership to EO will open doors for you to connect with like-minded individuals.
  • Resources – it’s like having a manual on how to accelerate your business. Gain access to these resources that can aid you as an entrepreneur.
  • Learning events – hear it straight from the experts and get inputs on how you can improve your business and how you can develop yourself.

As a member of EO, you gain access to a wide variety of tailor-made benefits designed to help you grow your business and become a better leader. Supporting the complete entrepreneur, EO offers numerous resources to help you excel in your business, family, community and personal life. You’ve made it this far as a business owner— let EO take you to the next level!

If you have business challenges, want to expand your business networks or in search of small- and large-business owners who are ready to share their experiences and best practices, look no further. As a global entrepreneurial network, EO offers you the connections, tools and resources you need to reach the next level in your entrepreneurial journey. Explore the growing range of exclusive EO member benefits. What’s more, you can both receive learning and then put your talents to good use.

  • Accountability Coach. As a member, you will have an Accountability Coach to guide you on the things needed to be done. Looking for a place to share your challenges confidentially? Welcome to the Forum. Want to achieve your goals at an accelerated rate? Take part in the various learning events.
  • Connection to experts. Seeking local insights and connections? A nearby chapter is bringing renowned experts to your doorstep.
  • P2P Learning. Need personal or professional guidance? Tap into the experience of 12,000+ peers via EO Connect or join the Quantum Leap.
  • Health. Access the world’s best healthcare through the Healthnetwork Foundation.
  • Mentoring. Receive an experienced perspective from a personal mentor.
  • Executive learning. Attend customized learning programs from the world’s top business schools. Enrol in the Executive Masters Program or EO University or other Once-In-a-Lifetime experiences.
  • Regional and Global Events. Network with your global peers and hear from leading business minds at EO’s regional and global events, held in exotic locations around the world.
  • Resources. Access a directory of members and global business networks through our members-only website.
  • Join the Board. Steer the organization to greater heights. Be part of the machinery that keeps EO Melbourne going.