Accountability coach

Every entrepreneurial journey is a tough one, but you can save years of learning the hard way as you get tips, advice and pointers from those who have already been through the same experience. That is what EO is for. As you plot out your direction and that of your business, you will have an Accountability Coach to guide you and serve as your reality check, making sure that you are able to get things done.

In EO, you can always seek help and ask for advice. And you have an Accountability Coach to assist you with your needs. They undergo training to equip themselves with the right tool to help you steer your business to the right path.

Note, however, that it is you who will do the things needed to be done. Your Accountability Coach is there just to hold you accountable that you get things done based on the timeline you have set. In the long run, it is ensuring that you are able to deliver your tasks, meet your deadlines and achieve the goals you have outlined yourself.