Membership to EO opens a chest of learning resources and tools that entrepreneurs can use for development, both in their personal and business level. These resources will assist you and help you on how you can grow and expand your business to incredible measures.

Best practices guidelines

Be in the know on the best practices in the industry and how you can apply this in your own business. Learn from the experiences of others and how they were able to achieve successes and milestones in their respective fields of endeavour and customize the learnings to your own situation.

Exercises and tools

Take the best tools and do the exercises that will hone your skills in running and growing your business. Add more knowledge to your learning bank with these resources.

Places to book your forums

If you want to get ideas of venues where you can hold your forums, you can check out EO Network’s resource page for leads. You can also get in touch with for suggestions.

Retreat ideas

Every entrepreneur needs to retreat from the hustle and bustle of work and life to gain a better perspective of where to take the business and things needed to do to get there. EO Retreats within an Accelerator Group Forum occur once every year and is initiated by the group members and leaders. For an EO Chapter-wide retreat, it happens every two years and is initiated by the chapter board. EO holds these retreats regularly and you can gain insights on the ideal venue and activities that will suit the needs of the participants from the Resources page.

Speakers resources

Talks, workshops, seminars and various learning events are regular activities in every EO chapter. Take a look at the list of speakers that you can tap for such events. Get tips and pointers where and how to source them through the resources page.

Access this Resources page that is limited to members only.