The unrelenting pursuits of Kym Huynh

“God hasn’t given me some special power
God hasn’t made me any different to the average person
Where I attribute my successes in life to 
Is my unrelenting pursuit of excellence in every single thing that I do.”
– Kym Huynh, Founder at WeTeachMe

Is being an entrepreneur something that is innate or does it develop over time? That may be subject to debate, but Kym Huynh, one of the founders of WeTeachMe, believes that one is born to it, and that is evidenced by patterns of behaviour over time. “I believe that you’re born an entrepreneur. I believe there are inherent traits and characteristics that consistently manifest over and over and over in one’s life. It’s only when you reflect that you connect the dots; that the behaviour is consistent with that of being an entrepreneur,” the young businessman professes.

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President’s address, a review of the first quarter

Can you believe it’s 3 months into the 2016/2017 FY already? (And 8 weeks until December?)

Hot off the press is this year’s first President’s Update from Warrick Steabben filmed at Mercedes-Benz Melbourne (our sponsor).

Tune in to catch up on everything that we’ve done so far, and to get a preview of what’s to come.

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People: The heart of Ken Matthews’ business

Accounting firm top man Ken Matthews is the person growing businesses and he is in the business of growing people.

If there is anything that Ken Matthews is passionate about, it is of growing people. “I always wanted to grow something. What gets me up in the morning is growing our people, growing our clients and growing our business. I’ve had that sort of passion for a long time. But it’s the people. Interaction with my staff and with my clients are the things that drive me,” enthused the CEO, Director and founding partner of Matthews Steer Chartered Accountants.

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Jason Ellenport on starting the day early with a healthy mind

With a goal in mind, the time frame to do it, and the accountability to make it happen, Jason Ellenport swims into rough waters and towards success.

Coming from a cold-water swim in the ocean, Jason Ellenport, one of the principals in the mergers and acquisitions advisory firm, Edison Partners, enthusiastically shared the story of his entrepreneurial journey. He looked relaxed, yet full of fervour, and right off the bat, he makes other people feel at ease conversing with him for the first time.

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