Scott Trevethan’s entrepreneurial experience in accounting terms

When you own a business, one of the key components to make sure it runs smoothly is a good accounting system. For accountant-turned-entrepreneur Scott Trevethan, managing director of the two companies he owns, there are several accounting concepts that he was able to apply to his businesses.

Scott started as an employee and embarked on a career in marketing and accounting before he founded his accounting-related business and later joined and acquired Scott Partners Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors. Two years ago, he opened his offshore business, called Go Global Bookkeeping. Throughout his business journey, he found himself constantly evolving and growing as a person. “For me, it’s the ability to change and adapt and try new things,” he remarked.

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People: The heart of Ken Matthews’ business

Accounting firm top man Ken Matthews is the person growing businesses and he is in the business of growing people.

If there is anything that Ken Matthews is passionate about, it is of growing people. “I always wanted to grow something. What gets me up in the morning is growing our people, growing our clients and growing our business. I’ve had that sort of passion for a long time. But it’s the people. Interaction with my staff and with my clients are the things that drive me,” enthused the CEO, Director and founding partner of Matthews Steer Chartered Accountants.

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