Ashley Woodcock’s message signs for entrepreneurs

RPM Hire owner and director Ashley Woodcock began his entrepreneurial journey while he was still at university, starting with only three signs for hire. He had low expectations for the business. Never has he imagined that he would grow his venture into a successful enterprise and enjoy the experience along the way.

Supplying variable message signs (VMS) is the core of Ashley’s business. For over seven years, he has expanded his company by doing other product lines and services and now has over 400 signs and other products for hire. It’s a niche industry, but Ashley found huge significance in what he is doing, serving not only their clients but the general public as well. “If we’re giving the public a warning, it allows them to change their habits, take a different route, or use another mode of transport for that day. During road closures, our signs are dotted along a detour route to help them navigate around the closures,” he explained.

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Joshua Lyle: maintaining businesses for growth

Many say that achieving success is just the initial hurdle to overcome. The biggest obstacle is to maintain such momentum and steer it towards bigger successes. Such is Joshua Lyle’s challenge, Director of the Lylex Group, and he hopes to take it on by refining his products and improving his systems and business model. While he’s on it, he also ensures that he meets the property maintenance needs of his clients.

He looks back to the time when he started Lylex Services 18 years ago. “I started by myself with a vacuum cleaner, a mop in a bucket, and some tools. The reason why I went into this industry was that it was an easy area to start. We’re able to start up with minimal overheads. So, the barrier to starting that business was quite low,” Joshua reasoned.

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Joseph Di Benedetto unlocks doors to opportunities

Actor and comedian Milton Berle once mouthed, “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” And that is what Joseph Di Benedetto, Executive Director at Designer Doorware, exactly did. Joseph is the kind who would never stop at anything. He recognises that persistence and patience are qualities that are significant in running a business. As long as there are doors of opportunities, he will not stop knocking until these doors open to bigger breaks.

Every morning, Joseph wakes up thinking that he has just started his business that day. Even when his company has already been running for over 20 years old, he constantly regards it as a startup and aims to develop it further. He asks himself each morning, “What am I going to do to make it better, streamline and get customers to like me more and buy our products more?”

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The curious case of Bernie Fernandez

Curiosity ignited something within Bernie Fernandez, Executive Director and Founder of Agero Group, to start a business. That curiosity has constantly made him yearn for more. There are pros and cons to it, he fathoms. The thirst for knowledge can often be insatiable. Nevertheless, it is this same curiosity that has led Bernie to a perpetual quest for learning.

In the beginning, Bernie didn’t regard himself as curious. The discovery was quite peculiar. It was on his wedding day when it was his best man’s turn to give a speech. The fellow started highlighting his various characteristics. “I never met a more curious person in my life than Bernie,” the best man said about the groom. Bernie never realised he was a curious person before that. Those words just hit him in the face.

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Barclay Dixon’s business is in building

Hard work, resilience and proper work ethics are some of the tools that BDS Projects Director Barclay Dixon brings with him in his entrepreneurial path. These are also the qualities that he finds useful in laying the foundation of a good business. His experiences and learnings, as well as the people around him, have moulded him to become the business owner that he is today.

But this man who has built buildings, homes and various other structures has remained down to earth. Barclay was hesitant to discuss his story, not because he didn’t want to, but because he didn’t deem it as striking enough. “First and foremost, I’m very embarrassed by this because, for me, it’s not the entrepreneurial journey. It’s just about a guy starting a business. Millions of people have done it before me. Millions of people would do it after me. It’s not a grand story,” he shyly warned. On the other hand, as you read on, you will find that it is something one can take inspiration from, especially that Barclay’s preamble to entrepreneurship is a bit off-the-beaten-path.

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