10 types of photography through an entrepreneur’s lens

Photographs are part of our everyday life. In this era of selfies, almost everything we do and see is captured and stored in our electronic gadgets, often posted and shared on social media sites. But snapshots serve not only to preserve memories but also as vital tools for communication and an effective one at that.

In business, pictures play an important role in design and brand-building. They bridge companies with customers by depicting various images that can make the brand relate more to people. As new tools become available in the market, the craft has also evolved with more forms and usage of photography.

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Kane McErvale injects verve in celebrating connections

“Verve means full of life,” Verve Owner and CEO Kane McErvale declared. “When we were looking for a name for the company, we wanted it to be about energy because what we do is so full of life. We bring people together. We get them to be themselves in a space where they can connect and engage with each other. That’s where the magic is.”

More of an art person than a businessman, Kane studied music in his early teens. He moved to New York to study acting, eventually becoming an actor and a singer. “I only ever performed in the arts. I was not involved with any other business. I guess I was my own business. I came into the business in 2006. I was recording with Sony Music, and I was doing a lot of touring and travelling. My sister, Holly, had come back from Europe, and she had an idea to set up a photography business in Australia,” Kane began.

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