EO Accelerator

The Accelerator Program is an educational content focused on four key issues faced by entrepreneurs: strategic planning, sales and marketing, human resources and finance.

As a participant in the Accelerator Program, you will:

Connect with other entrepreneurs, including the leading business owners in your city and other first-stage entrepreneurs who face similar challenges. Uncover the key elements of an effective corporate strategy. Discover how to replicate yourself as a means to grow your company. Learn tips and strategies for raising capital and dealing with accounts. Receive practical feedback to help you grow sales effectively. Develop the skills required to improve your leadership and entrepreneurial abilities.

If you are accepted to the Accelerator Program, you will receive the content to grow your business and the context to learn from others who have faced similar opportunities and challenges.

At Accelerator, our mission is to empower entrepreneurs with the tools, accountability and community to aggressively grow and master their business.

As a first-stage entrepreneur, you face new challenges every day. Whether it’s determining how you’re going to fill the rush of new orders, deciding how you’re going to penetrate new markets or figuring out how you’re going to make payroll, it seems at times you find yourself wishing you had an instruction manual for your business.

It’s okay. We understand.

And we’re here to help. Accelerator, an Entrepreneurs’ Organization program, is the catalyst that enables first-stage entrepreneurs to catapult your business to the next level. The EO Accelerator program is designed for entrepreneurs who turnover a minimum of AUD$250K annually in their business. Our mission is to empower you with the tools you need to grow your business to more than US$1 million in sales, and provide you with the skills to make yourself a better entrepreneur and leader.

Along with structured educational content focused on the​ core areas of first-stage businesses, the Accelerator Program affords you the unique experience of learning from and connecting with the world’s most influential entrepreneurs.​​​

  • 4 quarterly full training days built on the principles developed by Verne Harnish from his bestselling book “Scaling Up”, to catapult your business over USD$1M annual turnover
  • 11 annual accountability groups of 8-10 EO Accelerator members, allocated to a current EO Member as your coach to support you through your journey
  • 1 Day exclusive mini retreat with forum group (growth hacks & personal development)
  • Quarterly exclusive learning events led by some of Australia’s most influential entrepreneurs and speakers
  • Online EO Accelerator website login
  • Access to over 1,000 EO Accelerator members global directory network
  • Slack group including EO Accelerator and Executive members
  • Access to monthly EO learning events*
  • Annual awards evening and social events
  • Closed EO Accelerator and Executive Facebook group
  • Proven trained coaches/mentors

NB * is by invitation of EO

  • To ensure the program fosters a high-performance culture, there are only 40 exclusive memberships available
  • The Scaling Up curriculum is a two-year course you need to be able to commit to 24 months to complete the program
  • You must have a basic understanding of the Scaling Up program and agree that you intend to implement the practices into your business
  • Participants must attend all quarterly training sessions which are full-day workshops
  • Participants must commit to attending monthly forum sessions (3 hours), and a 1 day mini retreat
  • Attending learning / speaker events are optional
  • Participants will also be asked to sign a constitution around forum experiences, confidentiality, and attendance

If you are interested to take part of this program, refer to the application process.