Connection to experts

With a membership of over 12,000 business owners, visionaries and innovators worldwide, you can tap into this network that can share with you their own experiences and learnings.

More than that, EO Melbourne brings in experts that can give you additional knowledge on various topics that may be relevant to you, your family or your business. With its learning events, seminars, and talks, you get the opportunity to pick up a lesson or two directly from experts as they share their respective stories and lessons.

Past and upcoming speakers of workshops include:

  • Graham Van Damme
  • John Spence
  • Chyloe Kurdas
  • Wayne Siekman – Collingwood AFLW Team Coach
  • Michael Michalowicz – author, The Pumpkin Plan
  • Steve McLeod
  • Christo Popov – CEO, Fast Track; Senior Rockefeller Coach
  • Adir Shiffman – Executive Chairman, Catapult Sports

Check the EO Melbourne Chapter Events page to see who’s the next expert that will be taking the centre stage.